What is the most flammable aerosol spray( that is cheap) for use with a potato gun?

I just need some sort of fuel to use to launch my potato gun?

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now i know im late getting to ya on this- but i use propane, or brakleen
DennisZ11 year ago

Oxygen acetylene... use a cutting torch get i nice neutral flame and put it out on your boot. Give i i nice 3 to 4 seconds in the chamber. Works real real well you get a nice sonic crack with nothing in the barrel! Also had a real nice big blue flame!

sidisyeah1 year ago

amm so the hairspray with the tallest concentration of these compounds

Potato cannon.png
ssagarin2 years ago
Rubbing alcohol (ethanol) is cheap and works well, BUT buy the 90 or 91% (not the 70%). About 4 spritzes from an atomizer bottle will launch a 2" plug more than 100 yards. ALSO: Warming up your potato gun before you fire it helps vaporize whatever you spray into it. With the endcap off, I spray 3-4 spritzes into the combustion chamber and light it with a match. When it burns off, the chamber is warm and you're ready to load and launch.
lildodge3 years ago
I think acetylene and propane work good
1066805 years ago
i am trying to build a double barol potato gun and try to find something new to use s the fuel

try these
axe for men spray
hair spray
bug spray
Dr.Bill6 years ago
Ether used to start diesel engines
toogers6 years ago
buy rubbing alcohol and put it in a spritzer bottle.
fishingpyro6 years ago
You can also try the shoe spray (that makes shoes water proof) it works well
Fuddmaster7 years ago
TAG or AXE deoderant spray works wonderful better then ether.
Madrias3577 years ago
A friend of mine uses that spray-air freshener crap. Double purpose: Makes one good boom, and keeps the gun smelling like cheap flowers (overspray down the side)
use some kind of hairspray with the potato soaked in ether it will alot farther then just hairspray
you should try obtaining pure hydrogen. all you have to do is do electrolysis on water or mix any metal with an acid and put a cover on it. remember though that gases pour upside down. they behave exactly like liquids except upside down and most gases are invisible. hydrogen is extremely explosive though so watch it.
H207 years ago
Don't try hairspray. It doesn't expand fast enough.
King_Banana7 years ago
continuous spray sunscreen
jhvh.one7 years ago
rickman has it! engine starting fluid = diethyl ether. go for the premium grade starting fluid, as it is 40-60% diethyl ether, whereas the regular grade is about 20-35%. its about 3 bucks a can
rickman7 years ago
I would try carb cleaner or starting fluid available at any auto parts store. You get a lot of bang for your buck.
try 20%+ RC fuel or right guard
bylerfamily7 years ago
Oh,my mom bought a can of furniture polish for a dollar and it says extremely flammable.
rickyd!7 years ago
or instead of aerosol you might try hand sanatizer
bylerfamily7 years ago
Cheap aerosol hairspray or wd40 works best.But hairspray gums up the chamber.