What is the most practical use for an Altoids tin?

The more practical, the better.

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Maxaxle (author) 8 years ago
Thanks so much! Now I know exactly what to do with the tins! And that is...
Spice kit
KittyF7 years ago
the answer depends on what you need. 
do you need a survival kit?
do you need to bring tea bags to work?
do you need a spice kit to spice up Mcdonalds food?
do you need a sewing kit to repair tears in your clothing? 
do you need a medical kit to keep bandaids and pills close to hand?
An altoids tin is great for all of those. it's great for a small notepad and a pencil, it's great to carry some crayons to amuse the kids, it great to put some mints or cough drops or candies or peanuts in for a snack.  a dozen altoids tins can organize your sewing basket or your screws and nuts and bolts in your tool box or put a couple packets of honey from Mcdonalds and some tea into for a tea break or some splenda and some coffee packets for a coffee break or to make sure you have your favorite alternative drink with you when OTHERS are having THEIR coffee break, or to carry
ANYTHING SMALL and easily lost from or messy. 

NOW you see, the answer depends on YOU. 
KittyF KittyF7 years ago
forgot to add, I once sanded the decorative paint off of a couple dozen of them, painted them white, added some victorian stickers and sprayed them with clear coat.  I used them for favors at a ladies tea.  EVERYBODy does something different with theirs.  I bet I've carried everything under the sun in them.  the only problem for me was finding the one with the stuff in it that I wanted at the time.  I have one full of pennies.  I can't remember now why.  
Re-design8 years ago
To sell Altoids in. 

Everything else is a reuse of the tin.  And there are some great ones.
That answer can't be beaten.

Darn it, Re-design stole my answer....
Darn it RavingMadStudios, that was my answer to Re-design for using My answer!
I was double-beaten!
It's about time.