What is the oil content of Eurasian Milfoil?

I would like to use the oil extracted from Milfoil to produce biodiesel. I would like to know what the oil content, if any, is of milfoil. I think it is great because it is unwanted and there is a lake near me that has two giant machines whose sole job is to cut milfoil. I could collect it, dry it, press it, and refine it for next to nothing. If you have seen anything like this let me know.

Kraethi8 years ago
Is milfoil also known as yarrow, achillea millefolium? if it is, the oil content is indeed low.
bosherston8 years ago
In the words of Finbarr Hawtrey Saunders.... "Fnar, fnar"
lemonie8 years ago
Is it this stuff?

According to this page the oil content is very low - too expensive to be used as fuel.