What is the "other" bar in itunes?

 I recently got a new iPod touch 3g 8gb and I u[loaded 30 games and 40 songs because most of my songs are still pending. I noticed when I uploaded a video, updated apps and songs that there was this huge chunk of "other" in the itunes page. There is a photo down there. I have also read about it that I should get rid of contacts (which I have), notes ( which I have) Calender notes ( which I have) and album art ( which I also have). Recently when I synced it the songs were copying form my music into the Ipod for no reason. I have also read about "ghost data" which comprises of songs which do not show but are there... Help me please

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Burf7 years ago
Miscellaneous stuff mostly, plus the OS, saved text messages, photos in the camera roll, file attachments in e-mail, and databases that keep track of all your settings and statistics. All of this makes up "other."
knex_mepalm (author)  Burf7 years ago
200mb for tracking of settings and stats + the OS, I think the OS is most of it. Do you know anything about loading album art, because I am loading some right now and other is 0 mb, and I was like...finally its gone, so any knowledge about it?
Joe Martin7 years ago
In addition to Burf the album art work is also classed as "Other"
knex_mepalm (author)  Joe Martin7 years ago
 Read my notes, I do not have any notes, contacts, or album art.