What is the plastic tool that came in my solder kit?

Hey guys, i just bought a solder kit.  This one to be exact.  There is a little plastic tool that I cant figure out what it is supposed to be used for.  It has two tips, one pointed, and one that is "forked" .  Can somebody tell me what it is?  I've been looking at soldering videos and cant find what this tool is.


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That is for clearing solder drips and bridges from the board. If you have a solder bridge heat the solder then use the tool to break the connection.
That sounds about right! :)
iceng5 years ago
I use the forked end to tighten up wire wrap or make clean after wrap bends.
And the half arc end is used in positioning wires in a tight spaces where my
fingers are too big and clumsy....
Epond89 (author) 5 years ago
sorry guys, i thought i posted a link originally...


there u go :)
nurdee15 years ago
I would like to help you but I can't without more info
thegeeke5 years ago
Picture please? Or at least a link!