What is the process to become a makerspace,or hackerspace,? ?

The March 2014 Build Night - Voltaic Systems Solar Panels states that to host you need to be a makerspace,or hackerspace.
What is involved to qualify as a makerspace,or hackerspace,?

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Check the hackerspace wiki.

Be nice if the links actually worked like they are suppose too.


Paste in the URL and hit enter, it should automatically convert to a hyperlink. Looks like you just pasted the URL and hit post.

In the initial comment i did that. The orange hackerspace wiki should be a hyperlink to the page. Since it didn't work i just paste the URL in. I've found the hyperlink creation is hit or miss.

It does the same thing in commenting on an instructable. So its just copy and paste for now.

permission from your wife