What is the programming language best suited to make small programs?

Hi, I've been wanting to learn a programming language for a while now, but I can't decide what language to learn. I have some experience in html and css, but web design is not the kind of code I want to learn. I want to make small programs, just to help with every-day use. I am currently using windows at the moment, but I might be making a switch to linux in the near future. I have been looking into VB, Python and Ruby, but I don't know what Python and Ruby are good at. Making small programs or web development. If there are any other languages that you thing I should look at please feel free to post them.

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zascecs7 years ago
 It probably depends what type of small programs you are planning to make. Flash is a really simple program to use, and Java is very universal in the things you can do with it. Java is also a really simple language to use.
aaon8 years ago
Python. But it also depends on what you want to program. Some languages work better for different things. My suggestion is learn mean. Once you have one down learning another is a piece of cake. Start with a simple language eg basic or batch. Have a TI calculator? Do some programing on there? Once you master those step it up a notch.
aaon aaon8 years ago
*Learn many*
purduecer8 years ago
C and python are sure bets, and you may also consider Perl as an alternative to python.
For small tasks, you want to find a language that does not require cumbersome sets of imports or an otherwise large overhead to accomplish your usual tasks. It depends- What is your "everyday use"? But in general, I would suggest Python or C. The Visual Basic Scripting built into Windows would be good if you plan to use programs to manage many files and Windows processes. Perhaps try one language from the functional paradigm, and one from the imperative paradigm? Learning one of each would improve your flexibility.
gmxx8 years ago
i would look into c or C#. These languages will be identical almost on both windows and linux. VB is windows specific, python is good for scripts mainly, and i usually tend to see ruby as web development (ruby on rails)
fwjs288 years ago
Visual basic...or basic...basic is a bit more of a hackers language that has poor structure, visual basic is a step up and both are easy for newbies to programming