What is the solution of 'E' Waste (Electronic Waste like CDs etc)?

I want to reuse old CD's, Floppy & other type of Electronic Waste. Because they pollute our environment, these items are degradable. We have to save our Environment, Our People & at last Our Earth. Plz help me to do this. Thanks

Use all of your old electronics to unleash your creative side. there are plenty of instructables on how to take some old piece of computer crap and turn it into something cool.

on the other hand, you could just do this
I wouldn't recommend this, though.
The real solution is not to toss out your old things every time the latest and greatest product comes out. Use your electronics until it is no longer practical to replace worn-out parts. If you type the names of your leftover items in the Search box in the upper right corner ("floppy disk" for example) and then click Search, you will see many different projects that can be made with them.