What is the standard amount of pieces a knexer has?

I was one day wondering if i could make an innovative gun that has a good amount of parts that most people could build, so i need a good estimate about how many knex the average knexer has. Thanks! -DGM

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I would say the average knex user on instructables has about 1-3k, and the well known folks have between 4-8k.
Knextrain102 years ago

i think I have over 100 lb of knex

~KGB~8 years ago
i have about 10 - 15 thosand knex pieces
Well... I have about 4 crates full. I do not know how many exactly. I'd call that regular.
i only have one crate wahh i have so little
I was like that once. But luckily we had nice neighbours who went to dorset, bought some knex from a charity shop (£15 for 2 huge boxes. Man, if I was there, I wouldve facepalmed that salesman so bad...) then we stumbled across more, and more, so now I have like 15,000 peices.
I have about 10,000 peices, give or take.
TigerNod8 years ago
I think I have a medium amount of pieces, I have like 3-4 k. If you have less then 1 k you don't count. Unless your name is dj radio of course :-)
I have more than 3k now.
i have 2 or 3.
 I have about 11,000 pieces.  My collection might go up in four days time (Xmas!).
DrWeird1178 years ago
42,000 biznatch!! Bragging rights. I has 'em.
Seriously? Have you counted them all?
I bought 30,000 on eBay. Already had two thousand. Made my little cousin count them. >: ) He'll do anything for money.
30,000 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????thats aot! holy plastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo, 30,000+2000=32000 not 42000
yet you've never posted anything, video or 'ible
What's your point?
You could show something you've done aside from your PSG-1
Putting up the pictures for that was bad enough. Alright, then. I'll try.
but you are 23... lolzerz
Gr...Oh, well. I still have more >:P
Bartboy8 years ago
Hmmm......... Well I have over 3k green rods, So I guess it would be about 4 K for most people.......
Hiyadudez8 years ago
rosenstyle8 years ago
all together I'd say I have about 4k-5k. maybe more.
DJ Radio8 years ago
dangit, I cant reply to IAC's comment, but I have less than 1k, and im a well known knexer.
Jesus. DJ Radio8 years ago
i have more then you! wow! weird!
How much do you have?
2k i think
DJ Radio Jesus.8 years ago
not rly. Its common knexer knowledge now.
for the wrong reasons lol
wehe-tehe8 years ago
I have between 2 and 5k maybe
travw8 years ago
I have 15ish guns built at the moment and have enough left over to make at least 2 IAC heavy cannons... The first version. I ordered a whole hellova lot of knex off ebay, plus a BUNCH of smaller orders. I think about 40 lbs in total from ebay. I also bought 12 400 pc. tubs before I knew about ebay. Yes, I'm being serious...
Jesus.8 years ago
i have 1k i think i'd say 1-2k
yeah, most people have 500-4k and peeps like iaC have bout 5k-40k.
Der Bradly (author)  Millawi Legend8 years ago
500k?! That is soo much
i ment 500 pieces not 500k.
Hey I'v got over 2900 pcs.
Good for you.
i have about 4k
cyclonef8 years ago
Wow...and than theres me, with 600 :P I always have to break the guns i make to make new ones.
Der Bradly (author)  cyclonef8 years ago
That must really suck :-(
deathshells8 years ago
NEVER ENOUGH! i have about 2k peices though
Owenmon8 years ago
i have like around 6-8k
Owenmon Owenmon8 years ago
Edit : I just got 2 more screamin serpents and 1 rippin rocket, so around 11k >:D
Wafflicious8 years ago
i have around 1k.. there is not a standard
DJ Radio8 years ago
my longbow v2 had 222 parts not counting the green rods ps.
Der Bradly (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
thats not a lot
alfpwns8 years ago
i have about 2k aand about 96 are green rods
barrax8 years ago
how much is 1k? in terms of a picture. im not sure how much i've got.
1 thousand.
lol. not a picture.
thats not knex!!!!
Sigh...There is no puh-leasing you!
King_Banana8 years ago
i have about 3-4k so IAC' s is about right
J Moneyman8 years ago
i think that i have around 1,000 knex. (i don't shop alot and i don't trust ebay)
thecrow1178 years ago
well after i built a bunch of guns i dont reily have many left