What is the structure of the solar panel?

Hi Guys,

Would anyone able to help me understand what is the structure of the solar panel??

I am wondering what is that blue or even sometimes black sheet where a certain lines that look likes a aluminum or silver is? Is it the Silicon or not?? Guys help please. Thanks


lemonie6 years ago

The structure of the solar panel, is one that captures photons and converts their (solar) energy into another form (e.g. thermal or electrical), in the form of a panel.

If you are asking about the physical-construction of solar panels, you might start here:

mitchiko (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Dear Lemonie,

Im wondering if the blue colored sheet is the silicon? But sometimes its black well im just curious though, but answering this would help me understand that. Thanks

Those sound like silicon photovoltaic panels, so yes.
The colour that they appear is blue/black, but it varies with the protective cover and how they are lit, what angle they are viewed from.

kelseymh6 years ago
I am sure many people can tell you this.