What is this?

 It says MFS 474K 250V.  It is on a dial-up PCI card.

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randofo7 years ago
.47 uF 250V capacitor.

I'm guessing it is there to protect from spikes from the high voltage ring tone.
jj.inc (author) 7 years ago
 Thanks I thought it was a capacitor but wasn't sure.
its a mylar capacitor
framistan7 years ago
The OTHER part next to it is a little audio transformer. (the light brown transformer).   You can use them to build a ground loop isolator.  Just attach your RCA jacks to the input and other rca jack to the output... and you have a ground isolator. Usefull to eliminate hum in audio when interconnecting some devices to other devices.
that particular piece would be called a capacitor i believe. i forget what type it is though