What is this?

I recently got this "motor" in a box full of old telephone supplies. It didnt come with any instructions or anything on how to use it, which some of the stuff had. It looks like a giant motor. Any ideas? It says Teletype Corp on it, but I couldnt find any details on it anywhere on the internet.

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Ye gods, the drive motor from an ASR33 teletype.....

Wonderful key action on those - A real KERCHUNK!
an ASR33 teletype drive motor
iceng5 years ago
I got the rest of the machine, motor included.

Backpackboy5 years ago
ASR33 drive motor teletype!!!!
sarabose6 years ago
It looks like some kind of filter...
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kelseymh6 years ago
The documentation for the ASR-33 is available through the PDP-8 Documentation Web site. You'll see the motor in situ on page 33 of Bulletin 310 part 2, and page 11 of part 3.

You may want to go through some of the other documentation on that site to see whether there's anything more specific.
I had a bit of a reverie last night seeing that, and remembering my dad, who died in July. Right back at the dawn of the microprocessor age, I remember him travelling 200 miles to London, and camping out outside a surplus store that was selling off ASR 35 Teletypes, and dragging it back in his car with the trunk propped open, just so he could use it to program his first microprocessor.

The disembowelled are still in a bag at work. And there's a motor attached to it.

101yummYYummy101 (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Thanks for the help. Now what to do with this thing...
Well, use it as a motor, I guess ;-> The schematics on that Web site should tell you things like the pinout, voltage and current requirements, and maybe even control information.
kelseymh6 years ago
Steve definitely should get Best Answer! He may be the only engineer around here to recognize that motor off the top of his head.
". . . recognize that motor off the top of his head."

Now there's a Photoshop opportunity #;¬)
Burf6 years ago
Vacuum cleaner motor, impeller on the left side and beater bar take-off on the right.