What is this Lego piece?

I found this in my Lego collection and I don't know what it is.
Any help appreciated.

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mh76dk2 years ago

I found this http://bricker.info/parts/3031clip/ it is a white part though, but it is from the Scala series.

mh76dk mh76dk2 years ago

I should add the piece is called '3031clip'. You can search the net for that name and find more (mostly to other brick-references it seems, so getting one might be a problem) There is also a bigger brother with a 4x8 plate that is called '3035clip'

mh76dk2 years ago

If it is an actual LEGO lego and not one of the other brands, you can contact them and ask at http://service.lego.com

JM1999 (author)  mh76dk2 years ago

It is definitely Lego, you can just make out the "Lego" print in the top left stud, Lego is printed on all the studs, I might try asking lego.com and see what they say, thanks for the suggestion!

iceng2 years ago

Shirt pocket adaptor

JM1999 (author)  iceng2 years ago

We can't find anything on the keyword "clip", more specifically, what set did it come in and how do you buy another one?