What is this connector called?

I want to connect over to this socket however I cannot find available connector as I don't know the name of it. Searching on google for "double row 7 pin connector" doesn't yield results!

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Looks like HIROSE surface mount connector - could be a board - board transition, or it could be a flexi-board transition,

iceng3 years ago

It looks like a through hole 14 pin DIP IC socket.

Just invert the correct 14 pin and 10 pin IC and slide it into their sockets up-side down.

That is why you probably wont find a mating connector...

iceng iceng3 years ago

Yeah, it's an expensive way to to go $$

What is the board used for ?

NemanjaZ (author)  iceng3 years ago

It doesn't look like an IC socket to me, more of a double sided, high density (of a flat cable) power connector cable like the one fans use. It's not used for power, I suspect it's a JTAG socket.

This is part of a Citroen navigational system which I fried and I'm trying to interface with it.

mh76dk3 years ago

It looks like some kind of board-to-board connector, searching for "board to board mezzanine connector" gives a lot of hits, and unfortunately you need to find one that matches (they all seem to have different shapes to avoid misalignment and probably some silly design patents) and i do not even know what pitch to search for. I hope that helps a little if nobody happens to know the exact manufacturer.

NemanjaZ (author)  mh76dk3 years ago

Thanks! Yeah, I first thought it was some standard-ish connector but now my head hurts from looking at all the different connectors! The pitch is probably less than 1mm, but I don't have any tools to measure it properly. The whole socket is 7.45ish mm (less than 7.5 but I can only be precise up to a mm with this tool) wide, 4.1mm thick and 4.5mm high. Depth inside the socket is 2mm exactly and the pin is most probably 0.5mm. This is a very small socket, and even soldering wires on the legs is difficult so I wanted to get a connector for it.