What is this green globby goo in my driveway?

What is this stuff?? I noticed this green slime in my driveway one day. It's sorta gel-like, has some air bubbles, and is centered around greenery. I can sorta pick it up with a stick and it jiggles and doesn't really come apart. It reminds me of seaweed kinda. It was mainly located in the center of my driveway where we have weed growth. The appearance happened to coincide with a long bought of rain (nearly several weeks). I also noticed some in areas of our lawn and near the edges of our gardens. This is in Northeastern Vermont, photo taken this summer, '09. PS--I apologize if this is too picture heavy. Please let me know if it is. I just like sharing all the neat photos of this strange substance that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters!

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It sounds exactly like the problem discussed in this forum (along with a few proposed solutions):

Pompom (author)  siliconghost8 years ago
Ah, so it's probably some sort of algae..though some on that site say it also might be the start of moss? What's wrong with moss? I love moss though! A great deal of our lawn is moss, and it makes caring for it so easy since it doesn't need to be mowed, and it's so soft! I admit in the middle of our driveway it's unappealing and I'll eventually deal with that weeding, but still. Whatever it was, it seems to have disappeared gone back to normal, and there doesn't appear to be great amounts of moss there in its place.

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theFrobo8 years ago
I live in North Eastern Tennessee and have had the same thing growing in my driveway for years. A Texas nature center posted a photo and description of something called Nostoc. This description appears to fit the green goo pretty well: http://www.sibleynaturecenter.org/daytrips/naturetrail0708/index.html
My husband sprayed weeds with weed killer in e x a c t l y same area as now (2 days later, after a rain) has Nostoc algae. We had a huge area of it on gravel driveway that is sloped so drainage was not an issue. He burned a portion with propane blow torch and even after yesterdays rain is still dead. We are keeping our fingers crossed.
Is this coincidence, 2 mos ago my husband sprayed weed killer and now it is in every place he sprayed. We had it on slope of gravel driveway where it drains well for past 2 years. Keeps getting worse. He used a big propane torch on a section and it is dead even after yesterdays rain through the night. We have our fingers crossed but very curious why weed killer would cause it to grow....even on small spot in driveay where one itty bitty weed grew.
sockless8 years ago
It's algae of some sort, I usually find it on rocks in rivers. I have no idea how that could've got on your driveway though.
Re-design8 years ago
Sasquach goo?
Pompom (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Slimer from Ghostbuster bits!!! Guess I should have called the Ghostbusters before posting here. :-P
zascecs8 years ago
I looks like it is either some algae or someone just put green jello or something on your driveway.
orksecurity8 years ago
Slime mold?
seandogue8 years ago
idk...looks kinda like and algae.