What is this item?

The item is made of metal.

I assume that is a 'Stand' of some type, but I could be totally wrong.

The bottom half of the 'Stand' can be freely rotated.

The circular 'Stand' has three equally spaced holes, which I assume could be used to screw the stand on to something.

The u-shape, at the top, has a rubber sleeve on each side, which can be easily removed.

There is no text anywhere on the item.

Picture of What is this item?
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seandogue1 month ago

It's a wall-mounted guitar hanger.

looks to me like a guitar stand

Tarl-Cabot (author)  bravoechonovember11 month ago
Thanks, I found this in the attic, and I did not have a clue what it was for; have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Tarl-Cabot (author) 1 month ago

Thanks all; I found this in an attic and I had no idea what it was.

Matlek1 month ago

Yes, it looks like a guitar stand!

iceng1 month ago

I agree with Rick, some kind of resting device. It is a bit short for a guitar rest and the base has provision for screw anchors which could also wall mount but rotation discounts that..

The item is just a bit out of focus as you can see a sharp focus shadow on the wall.

iceng iceng1 month ago

But now that I'm looking with a sharper eye that focus on the wall is actually image deletion.. Still no guitar stand, I know rotates...

rickharris1 month ago

My first guess was an oarlock see image

But with the padding I think guitar hanger is more likely.


Spot on!
Indeed used for the sole purpose of utilising human power to propel a watercraft ;)