What is this peg board used for?

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I believe it's a pegged board that children use to make shapes with rubber bands and helps them to learn shapes and distances of sides and such
thats what i thought too.
Maybe it's just my state of mind right now, but it looks like a back massager.
Z..8 years ago
Quoits - at least I think that's what they are called/spelled. Rubber ring thingy's that you throw from a short distance over the pegs???
jaxxster18 years ago
i think it is one of those boards you stretch rubber bands on
thats what i think it is
Re-design8 years ago
Looks homemade or shop made not a production piece.  And it looks unused.

Lets see...
First level trainer for sleeping on bed of nails - maybe pillow for bed of nails,
Ring toss target for the carnival,
Washer sorting board,
Test tube drying rack or maybe more useful - beer bottle drying rack for homebrewed homebrew,
Mustache comb for the Jolly Green Giant,
Framework for weaving potholders out of strips of material,
Multi-station dibble for planting seeds in "eeg carton" planters,
Hill-billy adding machine,
Prototype 4 bit pentium.

I give up what is it really?

XOIIO Re-design8 years ago
 "Homebrewed Homebrew?" LOL
The beer-bottle drainer sounds good to me - I've made one myself (although the pegs look a bit too close together on this).
seandogue8 years ago
a wire bending jig? (are the pins removable?)