What is this tool called, and where can I find more?

I've been using these as ring expanding pliers, and need more. But when I search for them under that name, no luck, so guessing I'm using the wrong name?

Picture of What is this tool called, and where can I find more?
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check out captive bead ring opening pliers and if you need to close the rings... captive bead ring closing pliers

iceng2 years ago

PopArt Tool used in skilled hands can easily remove metallic art embedded in sensitive and discreetly private body focuse points,,,,

g-one2 years ago

Ring Opening Plier Clamp made for body piercings.

Probs your best bet

I don't know the name and have not seen this specific tool.
But sheep farmers use rubber rings for "ball removals" on the young sheep.
Those pliers are really strong, with three prongs and available in two or three different sizes.
I have also seen a slightly different model than your with flat ends used force open pressure plates for inspections but again noone even had a name for the thing.
They simply named it the can opener :(