What is your favorite primary weapon to use in a knex war?

I don't care if it is a sniper, crossbow, shotgun, assault rifle, or whatever... If you also go onto knexinnovation.net feel free to use examples from there.

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~KGB~8 years ago
tr 18 - its lightweight, powerfull and reliable.
KnexFreek8 years ago
 duh thats kinda the point..... did you click my link ?
KnexFreek8 years ago
 Listen up and listen good, The best possible weapon to use in a war, is going to need a mag and good range. Now all other things like handle, and strength of the gun, comfort and etc are also important but they are not the first thing to look at when deciding on a weapon. The other things i mentioned are the small deciding factors that help you choose the perfect gun for you.

 example: should i choose gun a, b, c, or d: 

a: 35 ft range, has mag, sturdy, uncomfortable
b: 100 ft range, no mag, sturdy, comfy
c: 65 ft range, mag, weak build, comfy
d: 65 ft range, mag, sturdy, uncomfortable

well lets do what i said above:
first we look at the major things which are mag, and range. So we can knock out gun b because it has no mag. Then we can knock out gun a because it can only shoot 35 ft. Then we have a tie between c and d.

heres where you make your decision. Personally i would choose gun d because being sturdy means more in a war for me than comfort. Now for you it could be different.

A great gun will have the major things like mag and good range, along with a comfy handle, sturdy build, lightweight, good piece count, easy build, easy loading, accuracy and more. BUT........

On on mag fed guns there is one big problem: 
You have to pull the ram to fire 1 shot.

What if there was a gun where you could pull the ram once, and the fire 1 shot, THEN fire another shot (without pulling the ram again?What if that gun was mag fed? What if it was double mag fed? Had dual true triggers? Super comfy? What if it was also sturdy? What if you could fire it in 2 ways?( like pull the ram once and fire 2 shots separately, then pull back the ram again and fire out 2 shots at the same time, its your choice) What if it had good range? and shot oodamo? 

Well i know of such a magnificent gun:

check it out. hope that helped

travw (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
And what if it was just a smaller version of this?
DJ Radio8 years ago
BR8 or ZKAR v2 or AR-4 v3.
dynno978 years ago
J5 Barricade Shotgun
travw (author)  dynno978 years ago
Lol Its only good, because it provides spread, I killed a whole group ofpeople and I stuttered saying hit 9 times
travw (author)  knex_mepalm8 years ago
LOL. But really, it only has like a 20 ft. range.
dynno97 travw8 years ago
KnexFreek8 years ago
gumdrops Best gun ever!!
travw (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
Yeah, that's pretty BA.
FSSR-C all the way
TigerNod8 years ago
The OSNJCKMAT is an excellent knex gun too, very good in all kinds of tasks. Too bad the ergonomics suck (lame handle, no stock, pump could be better) and that there are some more recent and less specialized knex guns that are a little better.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Well, it's pretty good, but it has a HORRIBLE range. Like 12 feet for me.
TigerNod travw8 years ago
Weird... My one reaches 50 or something.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Did you measure? Also, how many of what type of bands were on it?
TigerNod travw8 years ago
I didn't measure, I estimated the range. I put on 1 of those fat rubber bands.
TigerNod8 years ago
What would be your weapon?
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Never mind, I made a BR18... Make one! NOW!!! Pwetty pwease?
TigerNod travw8 years ago
Nah, I'll be making a Knexsayer soon. The knexsayer can use the fin stabelized rounds too, making it much better then the BR-18. But the fins were still KillerK's idea. Hey, you know what would be cool? Knexsayer combined with railbow PWNAGE!
Wait, did you just say "The k'nexsayer is better then the TR-18?" If so, let me tell you this.

The TR-18 holds 18 rounds. The K'nexsayer holds 8.
The K'nexsayer uses 300 - some green connectors. The TR-18 uses merely 50.
Sow the can the K'nexsayer use finned rods, but the TR-18 can't? Could you please tell me how that's so. If not, I will bomb you with facts about how much better the TR-18 is then the K'nexsayer. :-D
1: Relax lad, take it easy. I changed my opinion more then 1 month ago. The BR is better, but with a few mods the Ksayer is better. 2: The Knexsayer looks much cooler, and with a few mods (see dj radio's comment) the knexsayer can support just as many rounds. 3: The piece count doesn't matter, it's prestaions and coolness that matter. 4: I stated that the ksayer could support the RR ammo, but i didn't said the BR can't. 5: Both get equal range (according to most people) so on prestations they are draw. But the knexsayer has a pump and the barrel rotation system and nice looks so that is why I think the Ksayer is better overall. In a knex war I would go with the BR.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Totally. Except I'm gonna have to disagree on your knexsayer decision. The knexsayer has only 8 shots, is much more complex and therefore more likely to break, uses a TON of pieces, like 3 times what a BR18 takes, and finally: the turret's bullet locks are farther back from the front, which means that the fins on the rods would have to be farther forward and therefore less accurate/ stable.

I agree that having pump-action is convenient, but other than that (which could actually be a disadvantage if the pump guide broke) the BR18 is a more logical choice in my opinion. =) =) =)
pumps are harder to use also.
Not really, in theory bolts would be harder to use, cause' you have to move your hand from the grip to pull the pin back and then you have to move your hand back on the grip again before you can fire it.
i mean in terms of pulling power.
travw (author)  An Villain8 years ago
In what way? Harder to cock?
TigerNod travw8 years ago
Yeah, maybe, but still I go for the knexsayer.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Another late reply, but I just made the Knexsayer and found that it has about 1/2 the range of the BR18 at best. And yes, I did make it right.
TigerNod travw8 years ago
I know, but the reason why I like the knexsayer is that it is just 10x as much fun! And in the end, isn't that where it's all about?
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Yeah... Except for if you get shot in the eye with a BR18 because you were trying to fix your broken Knexsayer in the middle of a war.

(That was sarcasm)

TigerNod travw8 years ago
Lol, it's not really suited for a knex war after all. (maybe if it could just hold a little more bullets...)
i did, my main weapon combination is a BR-(Number) and an oodassault pistol, i also use a compact slingshot gun by Knex-Pls and the imperial shotgun by Ownedintheface. my main weapon is a BR-(Number.)
travw (author)  An Villain8 years ago
Sounds good, except for the "imperial shotgun"...
why not, it fires small grenading shells (explode on impact with hard object.) they work GREAT with a lengthened barrel and silver connectors instead of yellows. here is a link.
travw (author)  An Villain8 years ago
Well... It might work better with a longer barrel, but silver connectors are the exact same thing as yellows. Also, the ammo does NOT explode on impact... Unless you shoot it at a solid brick wall. It even says:

"a strong knex shotgun that shoots SOLID BLOCK ammo."
yes it does, a moon shoes band delivers INSANE power to the little projectile. also silver connectors have a clipped tab on the front and the 3D clipping area provides a good place to lock the band to the ammo. and we have a lot of rocks and wood pilings driven into our yard so they are good things to shoot. i actually think his is the most powerful TRUE grenade launcher on this site.
travw (author)  An Villain8 years ago
Well, it may break apart upon impact, but that's a good way to waste yellow connectors.
no, i have a surplus of silver/purple 3D connectors so i am not worried.
travw (author)  An Villain8 years ago
Well... I believe that when it comes to knex, you can never have enough.
There are no TRUE knex grenade launchers on this site. True knex grenades would use explosives :-P
actually, an open locking portion near the trigger allows most any ammo to be used.
Yes, but it doesn't allow 40mm grenades :-)
use moldable plasic explosives, mold them into cubes. or widen the barrel.
nutty guy8 years ago
Owenmon8 years ago
TR18 W/ Slide.
TigerNod8 years ago
Yeah, that sounds good. Any secondaries? RPGs? Snipers?
knex artillery's RPG and a spiff or 2, a sipriani rifle v1 or 2.
Is there a special reason for you to choose the RPG?
low part use/good range.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
I would have a shotbow, oodassault pistol by TheDunkis, 3 or 4 grenades, a knife, 2 spiffs by I_A_C, and possibly a v5 cannon by I_A_C. OR: A H.A.W.C by ViccieB.1993, a spiff by I_A_C, a SCAST by jollex, and possibly a white tiger v2 by ViccieB.1993.
The Jamalam8 years ago
BR18. The BR36 is overkill, and the BRV1 is not large enough. It is my favourite gun. Go Killerk =D
DJ Radio8 years ago
Either zakgun or AR-4v3. Maybe beast pistol.
My really freakingly powerful L96 sniper's rifle, the knexsayer, and 2 of IAC's war bombs.
the v1.3 of my pistol is being posted as I type! *please note the more powerful v1.2-A is the one with the 30+ meter range but the v1.3 can shoot over my house
necropolian8 years ago
a gatling gun. but a big one. really big. seriously.
How many shots?
many. much. really. a big amount. seriously.
travw (author)  necropolian8 years ago
8? 16? 24? 32? 40? BE MORE SPECIFIC!!!
it doesn't matter what the bloody number is! why do you need to know? isn't 'a lot' enough? but oke, 50 then.
travw (author)  necropolian8 years ago
Ok. By the way, 50 would be extremely difficult. A factor of 8 is basically the only way.
even better would be a real gatling gun of knex. they run out of ammo as quick as you turn the wheel.
travw (author)  necropolian8 years ago
Totally! Except for the possible death... =(
no, a real gatling gun of knex would have the same strenght of a knex gun. i mean, the same mechanism of the gatling gun.
Funny, I'm currently working on that, I am making a real gattling from knex by following chombo's idea. Here, check out step three of this Ible: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cool-looking-scope-showoff-new-firing-system/
I also kinda used some ideas from a real gattling from the 1800's. Take a look at this and you'll know what I mean: http://science.howstuffworks.com/machine-gun4.htm You will see that the way the hammers are cocked back can also be used on the bolts used in bolt action guns. The way the ammo moves in is also interesting.
hmm, the gatling gun sure is a good invention. the only flaw was, that how more enemies you shot, and how longer the battle, the more exited you got, and how faster you began to turn the crank, until you turned too fast and it got stuck. and we need to say this: "thank you, Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling!" and to think he made the gatling gun to save lives.
um... save lives? Not really. Save lives on our side, yes.
he made it to save lives. a test on 50 feet distance showed that: one gatling gun is operated by two (or one, if necessary) soldiers, with 115 hits in three minutes. but, a section of 15 musketeers was only able to get 45 good hits in three minutes. so one gatling gun can save three sections, while operated by one person. sounds like saving 44 men to me. but,of course, on our side.
nice! and i think there is something we all need to say: thank you, Dr. Richard J. Gatling!
travw (author)  necropolian8 years ago
Oh, gotcha.
That's a lot, still I'm afraid that you will run out of ammo very quickly.
TigerNod8 years ago
Could you give me a link?
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Sorry, I don't know how to do clickable links. However, you could type exactly this into your search engine: <http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=731&sid=a20c19f54118948b44ce2f43f1f05127>
TigerNod travw8 years ago
It doesnt work. I can explain how links work. When you reply to a comment you see "link" somewhere on top of the chat thingie. Click it, two lines will appear. Enter the word "here" at the upper line and copy that thing in your search engine, the select add link and post the comment.

Example: https://www.instructables.com/id/SPARCSS-Special-Purpose-Assault-Rifle-Comb/
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
http://www.google.com/ I hope it worked!
travw (author)  travw8 years ago
TigerNod travw8 years ago
Never mind, I found it myself by searching it on Knexinnovation.net.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Cool, thanks for saving me from the link monster... Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I feel it watching me.
my pistol
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
... What? What pistol?
TigerNod travw8 years ago
He made a bolt action pistol with a screwed barrel and he says it goes 100 feet.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Oh, and what you meant is rifled barrel... Not being mean. Just sayin'.
TigerNod travw8 years ago
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
It looks pretty powerful, however saying that it shoots 100 ft. is claiming it's more powerful than the dd-27 and knexsayer. It isn't true bolt action either.
TigerNod travw8 years ago
I find it hard to belief that that pistol reaches so far, but according to logic boy it is true, and since he made it and hasn't post instructions...
he dont think it is real
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
Well... Look at it from my standpoint, what proof have I seen that it is real? I would love to see it!
I have pics of the base version on my orangeboard but the heavily modified version that I actually use is still under wraps. personally I am a sniper I love a gun that delivers power over a long range, and since I took apart my last sniper rifle this pistol fits the bill.
TigerNod8 years ago
My perfect set in a Knex war is a Railbow rifle with a modified pump for it is much easier and faster then manual reload and a huge mag with some system to let only one bullet in the barrel every time you pump (too bad this doesn't exists yet) . And for the heavy duty sniping action, an IAC cannon with a good sight mounted on it and mods so you can carry it like an RPG. Some Knex grenades would be nice too (I would say X-4 grenades with a small grenade launcher mounted under the Railbow rifle) I would not bother with sidearms because I do not see the point about those small guns. And of course Knex bodyarmour would be good, perhaps with some stuff on it to store the X-4's and the ammo for the IAC cannon. But first I need enough patience to make all this...

This is a copy of my comment made 2 months ago on this forum: https://www.instructables.com/community/What_would_be_your_war_set/?comments=all#C55J632FU6LR42Y
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
travw (author)  Mr. Stealth8 years ago
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
This actually seems more like a forum topic though.
travw (author)  Mr. Stealth8 years ago
Yeah, kinda. However it is a question so it is fine here.