What it this component and how do I use it?

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I found this component inside a computer PSU. On the buttom it says "305-32114-220 rev:2 0449" but I haven't been able to find any information from that.
It looks like a coil, or transformer. And it has a capacitor on top. But it only has two wires, so what is it? And what is it used for?

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Re-design6 years ago
It's probably a "choke". Used in power supplies to help smooth out the dc and other uses.

Check out this info.
toelle (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Seems about right...
Does this only work for something like 100-300VAC, or can it be used to smooth out, say a 5V PWM square wave?
Different values on the choke works better on certain frequencies (IFRC).

With the capacitor there it is probably meant to be resonant at a certain frequency.

You could try it and see.

I'd go with that.