What job can my son get?

I live in Canada Ontario and I have a fourteen year old son who is desperate for money. I tried the paper route but he told me that it was not enough money. So, any suggestions? 

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framistan7 years ago
How much money does a 14 year old kid NEED? Sounds like an excuse, not a REASON he gave you. Ask him some more questions about what is wrong with the money he could earn on a paper route. Maybe he thinks that job is 'beneath him" or "not impressive to his friends" ??Ask him "what kinds of jobs do his friends have? Getting a job is a lot like going fishing. Put a bunch of lines in the water... not just one. Try for every job you can think of ... and every job even if you think you cant do it. Ask everyone and anyone for ideas. Don't try to "cherry-pick" one particular job and wish/hope they call. Don't make excuses why you wont or "cant" do this or that. At the age of 14, he doesn't have many options. In a way... he is "fishing with corn." Only few fish will bite. When he gets older he will have more opportunities open up. Now is the time at his age to develop a good ATTITUDE to working... and be willing to take whatever he can get. not what "looks most fun" ... Let him write a list of every kind of job he can think of that he can think of. Here are a couple to get him started: Sell things for other people on ebay and earn a Percent-comission. Lawnmower jobs. Fixing them or mowing. pooper-scooper yard service. painting houses/fences/decks.... etc etc Then he could attempt EVERY JOB ON THE LIST... to see which one makes money.
jeff-o7 years ago
In Ontario, he's old enough to work at any retail establishment, office or restaurant (serving area only). Time to hit up all the local grocery and department stores!
rickharris7 years ago
Not enough! then get efficient and do 2 paper rounds - do 3. Deliver weekend papers and magazines.

Buy sweets at the local cash and carry in bulk - Break them down to smaller lots and resell to other school pals

Wash cars - help in gardens - fetch and carry - sell body parts (just kidding with that one)

read this
If he is that desperate he will do what ever is going and then more.

Sadly you get little for not a lot of effort these days.

PS...Regarding my post below (or above)...just read a typo at opening...meant to read "I jest hadda reply to this one".
Sorry...Here's my Disclaimer:

"Some Typos Are Accidental And Sum Are Intentinal...Yer Job Is To Figger Out Witch is which". :-)

~ ED
I jelady bost haffta reply to this one with a bit of humor, which is my nature...can find it in 'everything' naturally. Re: "Sell Body Parts": I once jokingly asked a very successful online business friend this question when he kept sending great juicy-looking programs to get involved in...

"Whernaheck am I spose ta git all the munny to buy these things from you?"

He answered: "Stand on a busy corner and sell body parts".

I replied: "I did. One lady bought an arm, another bought an arm and leg and another bought the udder leg. I'm now typing this wit my noze. NOW WHAT?. :-)

Seriously though...ALL the suggestions given below. Any kid with a sense of ingenuity can create his own job. Try this...get a few good books on repairing 'Small Electrical Appliances" on amazon.com...CHEAP COST. Start hhis own business by having cards printed and plaster them on billboards everywhere...laundry mats, banks, stores, etc.

With the economy the way it is these days, 'fixing up' is a cheaper option than 'throwing out and buying knew', eh? I KNOW this works because I suggested it to a friend who was broke...even bought him the book and designed the ad-cards for him. He is now doing very well. People call him instead of the trash pickup guy.

Do it...it works. "Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind Can Achieve". "If you can Think It...You can Do It"...Good luck. Take care.

Best Wishes And God's Blessings To You And Yours In Everything Always".
~ ED

PS...Fix other kids' bikes. Could develope into a full time business down the road...same with repairing lawn mowers. Get repair books-manuals from amazon.com.
frollard7 years ago
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orksecurity7 years ago
There have been many past questions about how a kid can earn money. You might want to review those.

Given that you're in Ontario and it's rapidly approaching winter, shovelling snow immediately springs to mind.... and raking leaves until then.

What does he want to do with the money? If he's really "desperate", he'll get off his behind and go out and work for it. If he isn't willing to take a job that he doesn't like -- and save up until he can buy whatever it is he wants -- then he doesn't actually need the money.
"Not enough money" is when you don't have a job or a way of obtaining money. Unless he is a genius that is in the process of starting the next Microsoft / Yahoo! / Google / Facebook etc., etc., then he has to learn that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Let him learn the virtue of good hard work and it will last him a lifetime.

The only 14 y/o's that I ever knew with jobs essentially got them through nepotism. Maybe he can push carts at the local grocery/hardware store on the weekends which ought to be a blast when winter rolls around.

Don't mention the bit about winter.