What keeps diy water torches from "back firing" ?

I wish to make one using electrolysis. Electricity breaks the water into hydrogen and oxygen, then the gas then goes through a bubbler and then to the torch. Can water torches backfire because of the oxygen in the HHO gas?

lemonie6 years ago

It's related to flame-speed, if the gas coming out moves quicker than the flame burning back in the opposite direction it's OK.
Having a flashback preventor is a good idea, you want fine-ish wire mesh, like this.

They have a flashback piece in line. Its usually something like fine copper inside a pipe. If there were to back fire, the spark would stop inside of the flashback and not go back into your tank.

And there was a video on youtube of that happening where the tank ruptured and the water leaked out in a gush because they didnt have a flashback.