What kind of Agave is this?

DUDE!   There is a lot of different kinds of Agave out there.
These I "rescued" from a dry death at a foreclosed property.
I cant seem to put a name to an image.  

Picture of What kind of Agave is this?
Burf7 years ago
Those are young Blue Agave cactus.  The same kind that are used to make tequila and mescal.
Re-design Burf7 years ago
Just recently saw a tv special about tequila.  In about ten years those might make about 21 bottles of the good stuff.
These are Parry Agave.  They are not the ones they make tequila from. The one they make tequila from is agave tequilana.
Agave gentryi or Agave parryi, maybe?