What kind of Motor is this?

I can't turn the gear by hand and i tried 9volts but nothing happen i forgot where i got it form but i just want to know what it do.?

Picture of What kind of Motor is this?
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R.A.T.M6 years ago
i know u already picked pest answer but it is a AC motor 120v im assuming u got it out of a oscillalating fan
if u can get the gear spinning it produces 120v AC with medium amps
you can power small thing such as led xmas lights small fans anything with a wall wart and they work great for mini emergency generators
labeey6 years ago
Thats a motor that is used to rotate the microwave plate. Its either 120v or 60v
framistan6 years ago
I have a motor that looks exactly like that. I recently removed it from a cheap VHF/UHF antenna rotor. I didn't like the rotor turning because the cheap controller had no indicator telling which way the antenna was pointing. So i removed the motor. The reason the shaft will not turn is because the motor is "geared down" to a slower speed so the antenna turns slowly. I am not sure what kind of voltage powers it. I tried DC and it didnt work either.
Kante Tech (author)  framistan6 years ago
ahh that kind of makes since now
rickharris6 years ago
Oooo blurry picture I agree mains motor.
Its a mains-synchronous motor for a bet. It needs AC, and it probably needs it at mains voltages.
Kante Tech (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
do you mean belt instead of bet and if bet then what kind of bet. So the reason why i cant turn it by hand is because i am not using enough power.
No, I mean I can't guarantee what it is -the picture is way too out of focus to be sure. If its the kind I think it is, there is a high reduction gear box in the case.