What kind of airsoft gun this is?

I know that it is a Cybergun S.A. Soft Air but I don't know which one. Please help! There are words on the side that say "The perfection have no the gun that lack".

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TheGeek19847 years ago
It looks identical to one that I have (save for the removable stock). On the box it reads A11 R.I.S. Version
resophonicguitarist (author) 7 years ago
Thank you I didn't have a box for mine.
No problem. I was just playing with mine when I noticed the words on the side. And when I googled what it meant, I found your question, so I thought since I had the box right there, why not share.
Its an m-4 kind of.
resophonicguitarist (author) 7 years ago
It is not a M-16! I know what kind it is supposed to be a (M-4). I want to know what model from that company it is.
like hellrider75 said a plastic M16
hellrider757 years ago
Its a M16 airsoft gun xD