What kind of electronics could i scrounge SBDT (single pole double throw) switches from?

What kind of generally accessible electronics could I find SBDT switches (2) in, without having to go to the store?

110100101108 years ago
anything with a small switch that is a switch and not a button they often use spdt switches everywhere (instead of spst)
Circuit8 years ago
You can find them in car alarms, and mobile electronics. A car alarm shop would have them. Or look under your dash, or in the kick panels of your car, maybe you'll find an old brain missing it's remotest. If so, start the car after disconnecting it, or make sure the starter kill is bypassed... Uhm, or just buy them new, as $4 is less the risk of messin' up your ride? Good Luck, C.
gmxx8 years ago
hmmm.... vcr and some of the tv regulator things have a spdt switch for choosing if the broadcast is on channal three or four... some sound switchers might have something, and some power switches would have it, like from a surge supressor. if you only need two, then i would just go to radioshack and purchase a two pack of the really small one for like $4