What kind of job can i get as a 13 year old?

I want to know how i can make money. Something other than the crap survey sites. Can i work as a helper in some super market or etc.

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In the US, you must be 14 to get a work permit from school, then you must have your job fill it out, then you must have your school sign it. If you need a job at 13 and can't wait, i wold suggest asking people for baby sitting jobs, and yard work jobs too. Things like raking leaves, mowing, and other jobs can pay quite a bit. If you feel up to it, have your "employer" sign a contract so that all services you preform must be payed for and that you will do things like mow on a regular basis for a set amount. This makes it so you can mow even when it isn't needed and still get payed.

and if your mother job does not pay much either

WTF what if your 13 and your Father does not have a job and is sick and needs food and the people you do babysitting or lawn for does not pay you right then what do you do?

I like that last bit, funny as heck. Good job on your grammar too! :3

whats the website name

AmburT2 years ago

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RychelleM3 years ago

Hi my name is Rychelle McCabe and I wanted to know if I can get a job that I can get? I live in Dalby and and I wont be able to pay to get in.

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acidbass7 years ago
 chores news papers veggies/ fruits ebay craigslist build things then sell them
TigerNod8 years ago
Oh, my friend brings around newspapers during the summer, my other friend harvests vegatables during the summer. Maybe you can look around for that.
Kiteman8 years ago
In the UK, at 13, you can do most jobs you want, as long as you do not work before 07:00, and within an hour of the start or finish of school.

You must also get a permission form filled out by your school, usually by your Head of Year. If they consider the job to be inappropriate (eg dangerous), they can refuse to sign the form.

Without the form, anybody who employs you is breaking the law,
What if you want a job during the summer? (when the school would be closed)
I don't actually know, but I'll have to find out soon, since it will be part of my job from September.
Your principle decides if you can get a job? Ridiculous.
It's only within limits - basically, if the job has the potential to harm you or your education, you can't do it. The job has to give you time to get enough sleep and have time to get an evening meal and do your homework at a reasonable time. (It's to stop things like a case we had last year where I actually found a child working on a building site half an hour before first lesson. He was helping load rubble into a truck. The rubble was being lowered several stories to him, in buckets. He had a condition that meant he has a very fragile skull, and he wasn't wearing a hard-hat. The man at the other end of the rope was his dad...)
Around here, the only stores that generally hire 13 y.o. are super markets as bag boys. Just give yours a call and see if they'd hire someone your age. If they will, go in and get an application.
Emsaid8 years ago
Mow lawns i do it and get paid $10 an hour
CrawdadMan8 years ago
Here in Canada you can do whatever you like.
What's acceptable for a 13 year old depends on where you live. Around here, it's pretty unlikely anyone will hire you formally... but mowing lawns, yardwork, passing out flyers, delivering papers, and small jobs like that are common. Some kids make and sell crafts (hemp jewelery is popular). When I was thirteen, I got all the money I needed handling family yard sales and occasionally helping family members with firewood or unloading a truckload of building materials. I didn't work outside of family odd-jobs until I was 16. In my region: There's no law that says you can't take a job, but there are laws that restrict your hours and the kinds of work you can do. It's nice sometimes to hire a kid, but a lot of employers avoid it and hire teens to do the grocery bagging or shelf-stocking because a 16 year old can work with no restrictions. Just a side note... if you do odd jobs, make sure you do them safely with all the recommended safety equipment. I understand it can be an investment, but consider that you will probably not be protected by any occupational health laws if you get hurt. For example: If you're mowing, wear safety glasses, earplugs, and safety boots.