What kind of paint do you recommend for a mural?

I'm planning to paint a mural on my ceiling, the last mural I made I used aqualic paint, it ended up all blotchy, what paint do you recommend.?

Burf8 years ago
I agree with frollard regarding the acrylic house paint but I'd add the provision that you first lay down a base coat, primer-sealer. That will eliminate the bleed through and the blotchiness  you experienced the last time.
frollard Burf8 years ago
Totally agreed - I figured primer 'goes without saying' but its very true; great minds think like us :D
Re-design8 years ago
Acrylic house paint is going to be very expensive to get in many colors.  Unless the mural is going to need quarts of paint I'd go for regular acrylic artists paint.
frollard8 years ago

forum friend of mine who made an awesome mural in his bathroom, I had to share.

medium: "Acrylic house paint only" on house walls.