What kind of scream is this??? ?

I really want scream like him : ))) and i don't know what kind of scream it's name for search'N Work !!

Here is the Video : Scream part is 0:45

Please i really need ur help :)?

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iamtoats8 years ago
I think its a fry. I do those too, so its noticeable. Its painful for me to do these screams that high.... I can go brutally low though. \m/,
Try some research on Kargyraa throat singing, heavy metal death growls, and vocal fry in general.


Vocal fry is an essential feature of some languages, so it is possible to do it safely.
orksecurity8 years ago
Important thing to remember: Stage screaming is NOTHING like normal screaming. If you try to do a real scream at all frequently, you're going to damage your throat pretty quickly. What musicians are doing is far more controlled -- just getting the sound right, and using the microphone and amplifiers to provide all the power. If you need to do this, learn it from someone who knows how to do it right. You only get one voice. Make it last.
la-main8 years ago
there are "two screams" grunts(death grunts/growls) and screams <<:P a scream is very high and emo usually metal music and a grunt is like a very low scream and its used in rock and hard rock bands this is a scream scream hope it helped you
XOIIO8 years ago
Welll from what i can tell, he's going "yea yea yea yea" Very high pitched.