What kind of stuff should i put on my new computer?

Specs https://www.instructables.com/community/I_built_a_Super_Computer_we_named_it_HAL/

My dad said no Firefox, just letting you know, i asked at least 5 times. Thanks!

he also said no dual booting with XP or OS X, he said he might try Redhat or Ubuntu, which is, odd.

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gaurav81848 years ago
Well, then you can put some useful softwares which you use on frequently basis like Microsfot Office or Open Office. Some nice games to play around...
19975898 years ago
what about ILife its a mac software.it upgrades and updates your mac/apple desktop or lap-top.GO MAC!it is called iLife do not forget it.it will pop up if you after you use like garage band the music maker not itunes.
N1CK4ND08 years ago
Ubuntu desktop has just about everything you need, comes with all drivers pretty much set up, usually runs fine and detects everything right away, comes with multiple internet services, email, instant messenger, openoffice.org (word, spreadsheet, powerpoint), only downside, is that downloads are a little tricky, but you will get used to it.
I recommend browsing through Sourceforge and PortableApps.com to see what software is out there. Remember that when you are searching for free software, never actually use the word "free"- that's just asking for a spamming.

Because you have such powerful hardware, you can also run software that simulates virtual computers. This is handy for trying out different operating systems. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and VMWare Player are good virtualization options for Windows. QEMU is slower on Windows, but comes in Mac and Linux versions too.
I use QUEMU for Damn Small Linux (it came with it)......
Kasm2798 years ago
If you use ubuntu, go with the kubuntu varient. it uses KDE instead of GNOME and has more visual effects. Get opera regardless of what os uou go for. If you go with windows, you will need: IZArc, AVG Antivirus (free), and if you have multiple monitors, DisplayFusion.
Yerboogieman (author)  Kasm2798 years ago
No kubuntu, i've gone down that road before, had very steep cliffs at each side and very narrow.
Really? I've actually had less problems with it than ubuntu.......
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I have a magazine and a tub of blank DVDs on mine. Liquids are a big no-no.

. Sorry couldn't resist.
Yerboogieman (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
lol, i keep all kinds of stuff on my computer too, like dust and Sobe bottles.
thats hilarious thanks for that laugh I needed that today lol
Kiteman8 years ago
frollard8 years ago
I try to use 'idiot' rarely, but If your dad said no firefox, your dad's an idiot. BUT, it's his computer, and theres nothing you can do about it. 1. Firefox/Opera/anything other than IE 2. Winrar/extractor of choice 3. favourite firewall, zonealarm, windows firewall etc 4. favourite antivirus, avgfree, norton, whatever 5. vnc remote access 6. filezilla ftp server (free, and awesome) 7. Messenger live/yahoo/icq etc.