What knex gun should I build next?

I am trying to figure out which gun I want to build next. I have thought of 4 knex guns that have very promising designs in my opinion but don't have the time or parts to build all at once. Here is what I am wanting to build. 
A Trench gun. Shell ejection, pump action and all.
A f2000. Fully automatic, large mag with red dot sight.
A hand held gatling with high bullet capitivity. ( Not a hand held gatling with a rod and a rubber band on each bullet holder thing like a bunch of tiny guns.)
A folding mounted turret with VERY high bullet capitivity.

None of these guns will need modified pieces that I can tell from my on paper plans. I would just like to see which of these everyone would be most excited to see. Don't be shy. Let me know what you think.
Pics are in order of what I said them in.

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I think the trench gun design not only because of the shell ejection but mainly because not many people have done it before.
Correction no one has done it before on instructables. So it would be a first.
Drew99-KGB (author)  MrShadowKnight165 years ago
Ok, I have made most of the gun. It is a very hard and complicated gun to build and at this time, it does not have a working pump. One has been done before but on youtube but it doesn't look like a trench gun, or even a gun.
Does it have the shell ejection?
Drew99-KGB (author)  MrShadowKnight165 years ago
Yes it does. It is a really complicated gun to build so it's taking me alot longer then a expected. Sorry about that.
Dont worry about it, as long as it functions well I think we will all be happy. :)
AUG-5OM35 years ago
If this is still running I'd like to see the trench gun with working pump-action, and if you manage to even get a shell ejection; that would be awesome!

Drew99-KGB (author)  AUG-5OM35 years ago
I have already done a shell ejection gun. If you are talking about just getting the shell ejection on the trench gun. I would agree. I have already made a trench gun prototype. Trying to make it to where I can make the ammo box behind the pump. Thanks for your input!!
No problem, I guess I'll see the pictures up sometime.

Drew99-KGB (author)  AUG-5OM35 years ago
Sometime soon I may be able to finish it soon. I will not be posting until I get it just the way I want it.