What knex sets come with Large tires?

I have built a vehicle and now need large wheels to go with it? Can anyone name any sets with them. I only need two. Oh and bonus points if you tell me a store that sells it!

nutty guy8 years ago
http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/knex-parts-classic.html go on this site you can get sets or just the parts you want
Check on ebay you can get a lot of wheels for really cheap.
Shadowman398 years ago
I have 4 large wheels to the All Terrain Trekker. This set isn't sold in stores anymore, but you might find it on ebay.
qwertyboy8 years ago
well, i got a monster truck set a long time ago. don't know if they still sell it. it came with four. it was called the Overdrive Monster Truck.