What lacrosse gloves should I get?

I need some new lacrosse gloves. I have played for four years, and I still have horrible, beginner gloves. I play defenseman (long pole, goalie's left side) and I want gloves that will do the job. I don't want to pay over $45, and I may be able to buy used. Any suggestions? (he gloves must also last through my high school lacrosse career, which I will start next year.)

canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm guessing you play field lacrosse versus box lacrosse? Either way, you want a pair of gloves that fit you well, and since you're still growing, I wouldn't count on them fitting you all the way through high school. They aren't cheap, but they are a necessary piece of safety equipment, so try buying used (as there are people who outgrow their gloves, but they're still fine). Check leagues in your area for players that may be selling equipment, local stores, and online.

Gait, Easton, STX and Warrior are all good manufacturers, but you'll know when you try them on what you like best. They need to be comfortable and allow you to control your stick along with giving you proper protection.
freeza36 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Ok, thanks. I might look into Maverik gloves, because I really like thier other pads and sticks.
bwrussell5 years ago
Check out Play It Again, I got some lacrosse gloves at one for street hockey, STX I believe . There looks like there is one in your home town.
freeza36 (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
I actually used brine hockey gloves for my first two years of lacrosse. I will look at Play it Again's selectin. I didn't see any last time I was there.