What material is my desk made out of?

In the picture you can see my desk (sorry for bad pics.) I wan't to sort of build some stuff on to it and I want to use the same material  but I don't know what the material is made out of or where to buy it. I think it is wood coated in some sort of plastic but I don't know. I wouldn't call it bumpy but its not smooth ether. If you need a better pic just ask. Anybody know what it is?

Picture of What material is my desk made out of?
aeray6 years ago
If you're in the US, ask/search for "black melamine". It is particleboard with a thin melamine coating. Here is a link- look down the page.
lemonie6 years ago

Probably faced-chipboard, make sure you use chipboard-screws.

frollard6 years ago
Like digitalbrad says; looks like standard mdf/sawdust board with laminate on it. The laminate will be in the arborite family of materials glued on with something like contact cement.

If you want to get more, you can often get boards pre-covered in the standard 'textured white/black/tan/beech' colours. Check your local hardware store.
I would guess laminate ? it's a pretty common. inexpensive material