What material should I use if I want to create my own Guitar Hero guitar?

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Sylar5218 years ago
I'd use a malleable, but sturdy plastic for the appliances (Buttons, strum bar, frets, etc), and a better circutboard for the fret buttons. Maybe throw in your own design there. Also, use a more durable spring for the whammy bar. Use either a mercury switch or a hard-wired switch for Star Power, or, if you want, use an FX-Like pedal for Star Power/Overdrive. But using either a fiberglass hybrid or wood would probably work the best.
baneat8 years ago
Build it as one would build an electro acoustic.
miiwii38 years ago
If you get pop sci in the latest issue a guy made a homade guitar. Worth the extra pennies
Nibbler198 years ago
I would start with a baseplate of prefabulated amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing.

frollard8 years ago
Wood comes to mind - its easy to work with simple or expensive tools - and has 'real' weight and feel for guitar.
vince 098 years ago
I would use fiberglass