What meaterials would I need for building a cheap full size platform bed?

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Simple ------CHECK
Cheap ------CHECK
Easy --------CHECK

I've made this for my daughter #2 and she loves it! Planning on makeing one for me and the wife to raise it up and get more storage under our bed.
Hm. I've been considering that design myself -- maybe prettified just a trifle -- since I need a second platform for the guest room.

Not sure how well it would work with a futon or mattress directly on the frame rather than with a box spring between them. I'm not a big fan of box springs.
So you know, the author did it and uses a futon mattress. I made it for a normal Queen size mattress with no box springs. Works great and I hate box springs too thats one reason I used this ible, to get away from the box spring. With no box spring it allows you to gain that much more in storage space. There is actually more support with this than with a box spring. I bet once you try it you'll love it.
Sounds good.

The (commercially-made) platform bed I'm using now is essentially two plywood end pieces, a heavy MDF board the same height running up the middle to form an H (I'd say an I, but in this font that doesn't have the top and bottom bars) and secured at top and bottom of the boards for rigidity. Across this they drop two MDF sheet platform pieces which bolt down to both act as the platform and hold the end pieces rigid against rotation around the center piece... plus some hardwood trim around the edges, and a couple of "drawers" which are actually just appropriate-sized boxes with casters which roll on the floor. Less manufacturing effort than the design you pointed to, knocks down easily for transport (it's held together mostly with bolts and T-nuts), and it does look a bit prettier when assembled. I'd considered reproducing that.

I'd also considered going with a commercially-manufactured captain's bed (with serious storage space under it). Furniture is classified as shelving, shelving is classified as a tool, and I'm allowed to spend money on good tools...
Well by all means go and make your tools! I would love to make a captians bed, they look so nice and like you said serious storage. Can't wait to see what you make (hint hint)
You could make it all out of MDP (particleboard), some wood glue and a few screws.
Re-design6 years ago
Some 1 x 12 and a few nails or screws for the base and some 3/4" plywood for the platform. Paint is optional. Then you need a mattress some sheets and maybe a blanket depending on the climate.