What media tool can I use to save Instructables to disc to share with friends w/o internet service?

I recently become involved in helping people "On The Other Side Of The Digital Divide" homeless, immigrants, migrants & economically displaced people that want to stay in touch with technology & learn Marker Skills to cope with life. I've tried ant.com & flash video recorders, but I can't capture the images. If I could burn disc folks could watch them on portable players etc.

Kiteman8 years ago
Your best bet would be to download the PDF files of the projects that seem most relevant. Those PDFs could then be printed off, and you could have a lever-arch file of recipes, one of recycling, one of solar etc. This could get heavy, though, as many projects will need ten to twenty pages to print off. Otherwise, you could load the files into an ebook reader, one of those with epaper, like Amazon's Kindle.
lemonie8 years ago
The Instructables can be downloaded as pdf (unless the system's being funny about it) look up the top right for the Adobe pdf logo. You browser should be able to do a "save as" - webpage, complete. But you want to make videos? L