What mixed with sodium acetate?

will make a gel like substance that is flammable but the person using it doent get burned ?

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orksecurity7 years ago
I believe when magicians need a nondestructive fire they mostly fake it with devices which only _appear_ that way (any magic store can sell you what you need for the trick where you pinch off a fire from one candle and visibly carry it to another), but I seem to remember that it's possible to dilute alcohol to the point where it just barely burns and have most of the heat go into evaporating the mixture. I doubt that would gel, however.

Note that nobody was able to answer
which may be the same question.
nutmuaythaifighter (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
Well... my teacher used this gel or goo or jelly stuff and he put it on his hand, he said that it didnt burn his hand. He told me one of the ingredients but the other. He Gave me hints to it like: It can be found at a hardware store, It is volatile, Its liquid, Its flammible, And its clear,.... and some more but i forgot.. so i mean its a substance. Any possible clues?
Not exactly the same question. Zel-Gel is a flame barrier for fire stunts, and as such is non-flammable. Combined with a fuel of some kind, the effect would be the same in the end, though. I have no idea if sodium acetate is a component of Zel-Gel or not.

Note that Mr. Gary Zeller has spent many years and countless hours developing his products, and is notoriously very protective of his legal rights (and rightly so). Duplicating Zel-gel for commercial purposes would be frowned upon, no doubt.
plumber_bob7 years ago
As mentioned here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_acetate
Sodium acetate can be used to make a hand warmer.

You may want to read about cool flames: http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/RT/RT1999/6000/6711wu.html

I take it you want to use Sodium Acetate because it is cheap?

If you achieve your goal, you should do an instructable, it might be helpful to some of us!

jeff-o7 years ago
So you want to hold fire in your hand, eh?

I don't know of any such thing.  I think you're out of luck.
Koosie7 years ago
I reckon your best bet is a flame retardant suit.  Soak it in a fuel then, Flame On!

Look here:
lemonie7 years ago
Why sodium acetate?

kelseymh7 years ago
Chemicals are not magic.  They don't know who is or is not using it.  If a chemical burns, it will burn you just as readily as the next guy.  If you do not know how to handle flammable materials safely, then you should not be playing with them.