What needs to be considered before buying a wood lathe?

I am thinking of investing on a wood lathe. I have seen a few lathes of different sizes. I would like to turn bowls, dishes, chalice and even mortars out of wood. What should I need to look for on a lathe? It is size important? Thank you very much once again! You are the best!

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Most times, it seems to me, maximum turning diameter matters most, thence motor capacity.
Yes, you don't seem to have a yen to make stair spindles or lamp standards ! I've seen some MONSTROUS bowl turning lathes, that'd have your hands off if you approached the work wrong.
blkhawk (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thank you for the warning! I'll try not to go over my head. I am thinking on a Harbor Freight lathe to start.
I've seen that lathe and don't consider adiquate. the rails are made fo hollow tubing and will flex during use.

I bought this one because it's gear box was stronger and has cast iron rails that won't flex.
blkhawk (author)  Re-design4 years ago
Thank you for the info!
rimar20004 years ago
IMHO, the power of the motor is a capital matter. Then, length and diameter must fit your needs.
blkhawk (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you Don Osvaldo!
iceng4 years ago
First a compressor, now a lathe for wood ?

Even with a Big size lathe, you cannot make wood or plastic
survive as a pressure tank.

Only good thing is it it will float ( teak is no longer available :-)

blkhawk (author)  iceng4 years ago
He, he, he! I am spending money without my significant other's knowledge. I'm getting over my "tools allowance"!