What paint do I use to put a logo on a shirt that doesn't wash off? (No iron ons, I'm thinking of using a stencil.?

I wanna make some logos for some shirts I bought.

  • A radioactive logo for 2 yellow shirts
  • An above the influence logo for 2 white shirts, 3 black shirts, and a jacket

I want a paint or something I can use with a stencil.

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yokozuna8 years ago
GinaE12 years ago

I use acrylic paint I just put some olive oil in the paint and your good to go

zenilorac7 years ago
Acrylic paint works, although if its too thick it cracks.
ive also had good results using spray enamel paint (plasticote) 
bleach is nice and permanent, there are some great instructables on using it
plenty of specialist fabric paints exist too

good luck
wilcurt8 years ago
Spray Paint works.
Just a heads up, there are spray paints designed for fabrics. Check at your craft, art, or sewing store
Keith-Kid (author)  wilcurt8 years ago
I thought of that, but won't it wear off eventually?
Ive used it multiple times and it works
Keith-Kid (author)  wilcurt8 years ago
Very well then! I will try it! Wait, what kind of spray paint? Cuz theres wood and stuff, metal....
Not metal. Wood seems to work best.