What percentage of ethanol is required to sterilize metal ?

Evilblaze8 years ago
+70% alcohol-water solvent is the best. If there is anything else in the solvent eg.: some food additive , then distill it and use the distilled +90% alcohol.
I would say "sanitize" rather than "sterilize". Even soaking in pure alcohol for hours will not guarantee that every last bacterial spore is gone, but can only give you some confidence that nothing is happily reproducing on your surface.

The gold standard for medical sterilization is a long soak in high-pressure steam ( autoclaving ). As far as household ingredients go, a 20 minute soak in diluted chlorine bleach mixed with vinegar is very effective. That may not be compatible with your metal surface, though. If your metal is uncoated copper, silver, or lead, it may already have a little antibacterial activity of its own.

The only way to guarantee a sterile surface using alcohol is to construct an alcohol lamp and use this to heat the metal to red hot. Again, this might not work for your needs.

Could you provide some details on the specific situation you are dealing with?