What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

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I've got a tater with your name on it!
I don't call 911!!
roliop6 years ago
"I'd love 2 metre" !
"The Highway To Hell"
Well, not so much for me.
venom15396 years ago
" Meet my little freind, his name is DEATH"
venom15396 years ago
"Warning: sudden death may occur"
venom15396 years ago
"Quit your jiber-jabber, it's my turn" (with a giant picture o mr. T on the side of the cannon)
venom15396 years ago
Death is always an option
"Hi, I'm Spuddy" or " Warning: Potato induced death. Please accept your fate."
Dr.crazy6 years ago
on the forth of july uncle sam needs YOU!
ElvenChild6 years ago
Duct Tape
of course, duct tape, the answer to everything
Cobalt597 years ago
Resistance is futile........
In asterisks *words are not required*
You should have said yes
janw7 years ago
"It goes with a BANG"
afridave7 years ago
afridave7 years ago
venom15397 years ago
"Sphere of Fear"
venom15397 years ago
"Eat Dis"
"smile for the Camera"
"Have Sum"
"Eat it or Beat it"
cyc40157 years ago
"Cry some more!" if you're in to team fortress 2, anyway.
9w2xyz7 years ago
Look into barrel. Smile. Wait for flash.....
sjo2327 years ago
One and Done
Goalie17 years ago
I would just put "ba-bye"
frollard8 years ago
From the book "Snow Crash" when the protagonist pulls out a Nuclear powered gattling gun that launches 'dust' at near the speed of light, vapourizing everything in its reticle....


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_Crash (scroll down to 'reason')

'when asked what we would use to convince the <bad guys> to go along with our plan, he replied, "Reason"'.

A nameplate on the device is engraved with the phrase Ultima Ratio Regum, Latin for "The Last Argument of Kings"
ilpug frollard8 years ago
ummm, well, you could be gross and write "bend over, here it comes" or you could be safe and write "dangerous stuff happens on this end" or "something corny, like "asta la vista, bebe"
acidbass ilpug8 years ago
Hasta is spelled with a H but because it is spanish you dont pronounce the h
Truely, spaniards dont say hasta la vista. It is purely an american term. They do say hasta luego very often.
the translation for hasta la vista means until the view and in Mexico they say it a lot
I'm imperessed that you knew about the h =]

But people don't say that a lot in Mexico, at least not where I'm from, anyways in my area a lot of people used "Que onda" for what's up "Hasta Luego" for see you later =] and a lot of other stuff =] hehe
 thanks but what i meant was that it isnt said often in mexico but yes que onda and hasta luego is said the most
and "Simon" =] and I always like to said "osea" a lot =]
 i see well my spanish teach sucked any way she kicked me out of the class because i corrected her
How funny, my English teacher in Mexico sucked more then me and I only went to school here in the U.S till 4th grade till I moved to Mexico =]

I used to teach the class when the english teacher didn't go =]
Que padre no amigo?
 man/father not friend what?
It's a figure of speech that means- how cool right friend?

I also like to say-

"A la verga"
 i see you really like to make me feel stupid dont you..................jk
DUH!!! jk...no..........I don't

a la verga means wtf, or suck a ****, or go to hell =] depends how your saying it =] man/father what?
 ahhh i see thanks for the info
Claro amiguis =], thats my preppy way of saying anytime friend =]
 nice well........................................i say indeed,no prob, gday chap/chick, you have fun with that
I say: Ay no, omg, whatever, get a life, climb out of my a#s already, Amiguis, Bato, boo-boo (your favorite), and many others =]
 i see well..............................
Well what................... my eyes hurt, i really can't see
 well....................... :-)
Well what friend? (i like that word Friend)
 nothing i was so freaking tired we didnt get off the plane till like 11 and i didnt get home untill like 1:30
I'm sorry, but what are you talking about?.?.?
 i got back from my trip last night
this is the longest chat/conversation ever.
and..... is there a prob with that
nope! :)
well if you want to see longer i suggest you go to my forum Movie and book brainstorm i talk to one person 175 comments straight
Hmmm. 8th grade spanish must be incorrect. Pero los clases son muy faciles.
just because you might be older than me does not mean anything at all I am a freshman and proud of it
No no no, I never meant do say anything about you, I was talking about me! No worries. Im sorry about that. Im the one in 8th grade.
oh sorry about the confusion I get that a lot I look like i am 17 but I am really am younger
that was an awesome book
ilpug frollard8 years ago
dude, that is my favorite book ever. ... i wish i had one of those railguns...
Cheathum147 years ago
" Your Face Here" with an arrow pointing to the end of the barrel:P
Kalrag7 years ago
I would right locked and louded or smile and wait for the flash!
I got a few :) SCREAM! AIM! FIRE! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! SHPOOPLE!!! or the prayer from the boondock saints: "And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."
nbagf7 years ago
Stand still, smile, wait for the FLASH
ElQuirko7 years ago
Mr. Boombastick - AKA "The Piecemaker"

(Intentional typo meaning something else than what it sounds like ftw.)
Cheathum147 years ago
Or as Duke Nukem would say, "Suck My Boomstick!"
copper45347 years ago
 Say hello to my little friend!
pyroninja217 years ago
He who lives by the sword dies by my cannon
draghi7 years ago
If you can read this, i am sorry but you shall not die today...
zdogg12227 years ago
SUCK IT!!!!!!
Beware Of Kittens!?!?!?!?
mibz man7 years ago
i would just put, 'i would run if i were you'.
bendog387 years ago
 Your Fourtune--"You will die when this cannon fires"

                   Just State The Obvious
 "fire in the hole"
I wouldn't paste a permanent message on the cannon, I'd have an erasable whiteboard or a chalkboard with a piece of chalk or a marker tied to it. This way, if I wanted to blow someone up with it, I could write their name on it; IE:

This one's got your name on it ;)

And then I'd erase it after finishing the task and write the next name on the board.
jj378 years ago
brandegor jj377 years ago
I'm with you, only I'd just put "Boom."
jj37 jj378 years ago
or semper periculosus (always hazardous)
This is my small cannon...illegal to display my big one.
I suggest "For those about to Rock we Salute you!".  You probably know this but it is a famous song by AC/DC where they wheel out these huge cannons on stage and fire them like crazy at the end of their concerts!   I had a larger cannon until I put just a little too much powder in it....oops.   Now that is a story.....
___7 years ago
Eat My (and then whatever the cannon shoots for example potatoes)
Suck My Cannon!!!
Ive Got Huge Guns!!!
This is the smallest of my guns!!!
(as you can see i hav a lot of ideas)
flamesami7 years ago
if feeling suicidal, look down the barrel
nfk117 years ago
dont worry,you'll die.
hypergeek147 years ago
99% of these suggestions are retarted. 
smool8 years ago
i think you need a nice hot cup of STFU
"if you can read this I'm not shooting you"

"Lil' blastie"
inchman8 years ago
"Here Kitty, Kitty."
orksecurity8 years ago

Jawa8888 years ago
 If you can read this your dead
texner8 years ago
BFG 9000
The destroyer! err maybe not
Johenix8 years ago

"BIG SHOT"   comes to mind or you could put the text of the Second Amendment on it.

qparker8 years ago
"Git' Er' Done!"
"look down barrel and tell me what you see as i stand WAYYYY over here and plug my ears"
d2j58 years ago
T H E      R O D      F R O M     G O D
SumoJoe8 years ago
A-Blast Me Hearties!
boondocker8 years ago
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