What projects can you use used 55 gal. steel drums for?

What can you do with a used 55 gal. steel drum besides crushing it and sending it to the recyclers?

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plumber_bob8 years ago
You can make an excellent barbecue out of a 55 gal drum.
orksecurity8 years ago
Before you use it for anything, think about what it used to contain and how safe it will be for its new application...
Focker8 years ago
If they have tops and you have a welder, make a pontoon. If they don't have tops then try making a metal version of the 55 gal chair. You can bury them and use them as planters, or take one and make a robot body! . . . man. . . I wish I had some 55 gal. steel drums. . . .
Focker Focker8 years ago
Oh, and you could make an aluminum forge/foundry. So many things you can do! If you had enough you could fill them with sand/dirt/mud/clay and use them as a foundation for a house/shed!
Emsaid8 years ago
fill them with different amounts of water and use them for drums