What rectifier should i use?

I have a snowmobile engine in a golf cart, and want to charge the golf cart battery. the snowmobile engine has a stator already for powering the headlight. But the headlight ran on 12v ac. so i need to install a rectifier. Im guessing im going to be working with 20A or so, and it will be charging a battery about the size of your average lawnmower battery. What rectifier should i get that can handle the amperage it would take too charge the battery? The engine already has a regulator, so i will just run the rectifier from the headlight wiring harness because it is getting the regulated 12v.

iceng3 years ago

I would be concerned about de-gassing ie smoking the battery.

But I know you will still Try the MDA


Attach the back of the rectifier to a clean metal surface for heatsinking.

Do a search on a parts supplier like Mouser and see what rectifiers they have that can handle 20+A.