What settings do i use to cut neoprene rubber sheets on the laser cutter?

Im wanting to cut a rubber gasket out of neoprene rubber sheets i have purchased. To cut, I'm using a laser cutter and unsure of what setting the laser cutter should be on in order to successfully cut through it

you will just have to try it, I tried cutting 3mm viton rubber and it just burnt and made a mess. Good luck with it.

steveastrouk7 months ago

Its impossible to give you hard and fast rules. Make test cuts. I always use 10mm squares. It will probably need fast cuts. Is this foamed neoprene or solid ? Foam will cut very easily indeed.


I haven't cut neoprene, but I have cut the foam roll-mats you sleep on when camping. They cut very easily, but the foam melts back quite dramatically, so you will probably need to cut a different size to what you actually need.