What shoots farther the nerf recon or longshot?

I don't have either guns

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Re-design8 years ago
Have you got a friend with either of them? Or maybe a friend with each of them so you can test them.
hobbitboy7 years ago
long shot shoots farther, but if you want an assult gun get the maveric , or recon, longshot is good for sniping, longstrike sucks longsnhots can jam thow.
MAVREV137 years ago
modded or nonmodded?
Nerfgenius8 years ago
Hands down the longshot. if you go to walmart in the hardware section and get a white toiletpaper dispenser tube( should cost around 98 cents, if it doesn't than you have the wrong one) take the spring from the middle and place it in your longshot's firing tube that houses the spring, then you should get significantly better range.
zack attack (author)  Nerfgenius8 years ago
im afraid if i take it apart it will break. waste of money and im only a kid
Hey, I'm only 12, and I've modded about 20 nerf guns, and spray painted 2 of them, and about two years ago I thought that if I took apart my nerf guns, then they would break too
zack attack (author)  Nerfgenius8 years ago
do u sell em
Sorry but I don't, I might if I get really tired of a gun, or if someone will offer a good price.
zack attack (author)  Nerfgenius8 years ago
if i buy the gun for u will you mod it?
Right now I just mod Nerf for fun, but maybe in the future I can mod a Nerf gun for you  
zack attack (author)  Nerfgenius8 years ago
which of your guns shoot the farthest?
I modified a nerf titan to shoot darts, and I also plugged a over pressure release valve( so I can pump it as much as I want), and at thirty pumps with the gun angled at  approximately 45 degrees, the it gets around 216 feet
zack attack (author)  Nerfgenius8 years ago
sweet! i didn't test mine outside yet but i think about 125ft 45 degrees
Re-design8 years ago
Don't know but the 50 cal. sniper rifle is accurate to 1 mile. Beats both hands down.
zack attack (author)  Re-design8 years ago
im a kid