What should I add to my Mac and Cheese?

I've got a big pan of homemade mac and cheese with meat and fresh parsley and I'm at a loss for what else I should add. Any suggestions are helpful.. besides ones that say add more cheese.. because I'm out of cheese. 

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canucksgirl5 years ago
BACON! or prosciutto works very well with Mac and Cheese. For vegetables, I find green beans or asparagus (fresh or frozen, not canned) to work really well if you cut them to bite sized pieces and partially steam them before adding. I like them more than broccoli, as I find broccoli to be too overpowering if you aren't using strong cheeses. Also, if you're a little adventurous, try adding some chopped pickled jalapenos. They create a nice kick to the Mac and Cheese, plus the mild acidity balances the fattiness of the dish. And the last thing I will suggest is bread crumbs as a topping, preferably "Panko Bread Crumbs" (a Japanese type that's become more widely available and extremely popular). What you'll want to do is melt a tablespoon of butter (to each cup of bread crumbs) in a sauce pan, and stir in the crumbs until they've evenly absorbed the butter. Then sprinkle atop your mac and cheese (in a large casserole dish or individual serving dishes), and set under the broiler until the bread crumbs are lightly toasted and crunchy. They make a very nice contrast with the creaminess of the dish. :-)
rickharris5 years ago
Something green
broccoli, tomatoes, and garlic
Worcestershire sauce
blkhawk5 years ago
SPAM meat, broccoli, tuna, corn, or mixed vegetables.
kelseymh5 years ago
You've already got meat in it. Minced (very finely minced) onion would be a good complement.
Vyger5 years ago
Re-design5 years ago
Can of Rotel tomatoes.