What should I be oiling my rc car gear box with?

I hear alot of people saying that grease is not the way to go because it will slow youre rc car down and that they reccomend oil but what oil should I be useing.

Try a spray silicone lube. It won't gum up your gears or degrade plastic parts.
coolpizzadude (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
I was thinking of that but silicone oil is really thin and I'm afraid it will evaporate or just spin off the gears.
KermitGTT7 years ago
If it is a nitro or gas powered rc car, use grease. If it is an electric rc car and you are concerned about performance, run the gears dry. You would need to clean your gearbox more often, but you will see an increase in performance. I own 50+ rc cars and none of them use any grease. The only place I use oil is on the motor bushings and a very thin oil on my bearings.
lemonie7 years ago
Your box ought to have a recommended lubricant - check what the manufacturer's paperwork says.
Get the wrong stuff in there and you could find excessive wear, but for boxes without sumps grease is probably better than oil.