What should I build in my Minecraft?

I have been thinks of building another game in minecraft, but I don't know what game I should do. Plus I don't know what I should build after I am done with the other build. I am really good at building but I can never think of what to build. So if you could please help me I would be very happy. Also I am looking for large scale builds, like 1:18 or 1:1 house builds.\

EDIT:I also would like something for me and my mom to build. I got her into Minecraft, but she is still a little new and we haven;t tryed and large scale projects together.

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Ploopy2 years ago


ChaytM (author)  Ploopy2 years ago

I have been working on that for a year now here is the link.


-max-2 years ago

Build a operational computer in it with redstone! You can use it to make basic logic gates (to crunch binary numbers), flip flops (to store data), etc. and build some amazing things!

ChaytM (author)  -max-2 years ago

I'll try to work on that then.

-max- -max-2 years ago

I cant wait until someone figures out how to emulate a atari in it!

Good God, that's amazing.

iceng2 years ago

What have you built up to now ?

ChaytM (author)  iceng2 years ago

I have been working with redstone so far.

-max- ChaytM2 years ago

You probably will need some serious CPU and GPU power to prevent lag. The one in the video seems pretty laggy, although I have even seen other make a full microprocessor and display and have it run a word processor! It also seemed to run a bit more fluidly.

Ryuko222 years ago

built a kingdom with a castle and shops and stuff like that

iceng Ryuko222 years ago

Confusing who R U ?

Roman aqueducts, bio sphere, eye of sauron, vending machine, stone henge, spinning wheel of fortune, a really big cheese burger