What should I do if I see that a member is cheating in a contest?

There is a contest I want to enter, so I looked at the current entries.
I see that one entry is using an image from a blog. 
I have every reason to believe the blog does NOT belong to this member.
- The member does not have a link to the blog in their profile.
- The name used for their entry is not the same name as on the blog.
- The materials and steps have been changed from the published blog.

I don't want to wrongfully accuse someone of cheating, but if they are, I'd like to do something about it.
At the very least, the rules state that; "Entries must not have been published prior to the Start Date" - In this case the entry was previously published.

Can someone tell me what I should do?

* Post Question Note * - There really should be more than one "best answer" option, because in this case I did receive a lot of help from Kiteman, and wanted to acknowledge that here. Kiteman went above and beyond to help out with this. (He'll be receiving a patch from me shortly).

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lemonie5 years ago
Your supposed to flag it an post your objections as a comment. If that doesn't work I'm sure Stump' would help you out, he's a nice fella.

canucksgirl (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thank you. I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do.

I followed your advice (flagged it and left a polite comment and link)
These answers are all great, but I wanted to clarify, in case others weren't sure, "published prior to the Start Date" means published on Instructables before the start date. If it is published, say on your blog, before, that is fine and doesn't prevent you from entering. If I totally misinterpreted what you meant, please disregard this :)
canucksgirl (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 years ago
Thanks Penolopy, I actually interpreted the rule literally, and thought it meant that it could not have been published period (Instructables or not). In this case however, the issue was far beyond that. The member in question wrote an ible for a contest, did not appear to have done any of the steps and simply looks to have copied images including one from a blog where the "project" appears under another name. - Seemed suspect to me. - With the assistance of another respected member, an email was sent to the blog owner to find out if the Instructable member and the blog owner are one-in-the-same. If they are not, I imagine we'll find out soon enough.

I just don't appreciate people who cheat or steal ideas from other people to take credit of them as their own.

Thanks for your comments.
I totally agree! I just wanted to make sure you knew you could enter the contest even if you had a project posted somewhere else prior, just not posted prior on the site. Don't want you to miss out!

I really wish people wouldn't just take someone else's project like that and call it there own. It's just so rude. Both to the person they stole from and the people they deceive.
kelseymh5 years ago
What Kiteman said. You could also e-mail the "service (at) instructables.com" explaining your concerns, and including the URL to the entry. That e-mail goes directly to Staff.
canucksgirl (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Thanks. Good to know. Hopefully this doesn't happen too often, but if I'm going to enter a contest, I'd like to know that everyone is playing fair.
Kiteman5 years ago
If you're reluctant to openly accuse, PM the URL of the entry to me and I'll have a look.
canucksgirl (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I sent you a pm - Thanks.